Rank Math SEO Review 2020 | Why is it so popular

rank math seo review

Rank Math was launched in 2018 by MyThemeShop. And since then, its popularity increased due to its functionalities and ease of use. With +400 thousand active WordPress installations and excellent reviews by the community, it has become one of the complete options in the medium.

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress. With it, we can configure things like what we want to index in Google and whatnot, what our URLs will look like in Google, or analyze if we are working correctly on our publications to the position by a specific keyword.

The truth is that I discovered this plugin a little by chance. I went to Twitter; I saw that it talks about a plugin capable of standing up to the almighty Yoast SEO, and I could not resist the temptation to try it. No doubt, it was an extraordinary decision since, until now, it had great results with this plugin, and best of all, at no cost.

Content marketing is a considerable effort: the idea, the structure, the writing of the content. SEO is slow, and it takes time: strategy, keyword analysis, content posting, optimization, competitor analysis, tracking, and more.

That is why it is beneficial to have tools like this, which simplifies our lives and helps us automate processes.

Let’s see what Rank Math offers us



In the dashboard, we will find the different optional modules of the plugin listed. Some will come activated by default, depending on what we mark in the first configurator, while others as A.M.P. are always deactivated by default.

Depending on whether we activate one or the other, we will have more functionalities with which you can improve the SEO of the web, and we will see that new sections appear in the sidebar of our WordPress.

Modules that we can decide to activate will be:

  • 404 Monitor
  • ACF
  • AMP
  • bbPress
  • Buddy Press
  • Image SEO
  • Link counter
  • Local SEO & Knowledge Graph
  • Redirections
  • Schema structured data
  • Role manager
  • Search Console
  • SEO Analysis
  • Sitemap
  • WooCommerce

General settings

In this first section, we will have several tabs from which to configure a multitude of SEO parameters. They are as follows:

rank math seo general settings


We can define if we want to remove the category directory from the URLs, remove the stopwords from them, or determine if the external links will be ‘no follow,’ among other things.


We have the option of activating HTML markup of breadcrumbs on our website, as well as a shortcode and PHP code with which to insert them at the user level.

Webmaster tools

From this tab, we can validate our site in almost any search engine just by entering the corresponding code. We can do it in:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Alexa
  • Yandex
  • Pinterest
  • Norton Safe Web


In this tab, there are details such as allowing Rank Math to track how you use the plugin or some configuration on RSS.

Edit robots.txt

It is an easy way to modify our robots.txt file without leaving WordPress.

Edit .htaccess

Likewise, we can also edit our .htaccess. As it is a delicate file, Rank Math will ask us to mark a checkbox while warning us of the consequences of misusing this tab. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

404’s monitor

From this tab, we will configure specific preferences for which URL’s to track and which not in the monitoring section that we will see later.


It allows us to establish automatic redirects, as well as some other functions such as the status code to return. We will be able to manage this topic much better in its corresponding section.

Search console

If you have not done so in the initial configuration, you can link your WordPress with your Search Console account from here.

Titles & meta

In this section, we will configure everything related to the metadata of the web, from index or no follows in URL’s, through titles and meta descriptions or OpenGraph.

Global meta

From here, we can establish things as general as to whether or not to index the entire website or verify that the titles of all URLs always appear in capital letters.

Local SEO

To improve local SEO, here we can fill in all the fields related to our person/business:

  • Name
  • Person or organization
  • Logo
  • Web
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone

Rank Math will also provide us with a shortcode in case we want to display all that information on the web easily.

Social metadata

Here we will indicate the URLs of our different profiles in social networks to link them:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+ (R.I.P.)
  • Pinterest
  • Google Places
  • Yelp


In this tab, we will establish everything related to the metadata of the home of our website.

Post formats

We will be able to define the structure of the titles and meta descriptions of the file pages, as well as if we want them to be indexed, have a follow attribute.


It offers the option of indexing or defining the structure for the archive pages of the authors of the different articles on the web.

Misc pages

The same also, but for more difficult pages to catalogue as search results URLs, 404 error pages or pages, to give some examples.


Here we can also define the metadata configuration of the different taxonomies that we have on our site, from the required entries, pages, and media to the rest that may appear.


It also serves to configure the different types of files: categories, labels, and more.

Sitemap settings

From here, we can adjust our sitemaps to the millimetre if we have previously activated this module in Rank Math.

  • It is possible to limit the number of links to the store per sitemap (generating more sitemaps if necessary to include all URLs).
  • We can create a sitemap for the images.
  • Establish an automatic ping to Google and Bing every time a sitemap is updated.
  • Include or exclude specific taxonomies or files.
  • Include or exclude individual-specific posts or pages.
rank math seo sitemap

Role manager

A simple section from which we can establish at the click of a button what functions different users will have access to based on their role: administrator, editor, author, etc.

rank math seo role manager

404 monitor

It is an attractive section in which the plugin will list the different URLs that are giving 404 error (page not found), as well as the number of requests that made to view it and the time of the last one. In this way, we can detect from fallen URL’s to possible attacks on our site and be able to fix it.

Likewise, we will have the option to perform batch actions, such as removing the URLs listed or redirecting them in bulk.

rank math seo 404 monitor


Rank Math has an excellent redirect manager from which you can mark where to redirect. Unlike many similar plugins, Rank Math goes beyond classic 301 and opens up a whole range of possibilities, such as the 307 or 410. Quite a plus.

Not only that, but if you are like me and you are not able to have all your redirects well listed in the .htaccess file, this fantastic SEO plugin gives you the option to export these redirects to be able to add them there.

rank math seo redirections

Search console

One of the strengths of this plugin is this. You can access the most critical data of the Search Console without leaving your control panel:

  • Overview
  • Search Analytics
  • Status of site maps indexed by Google (Sitemap)
  • Crawl Errors
  • Keyword Tracker

Except for the last one, all these functionalities are already operational.

SEO analysis

From here, you can ask Rank Math to do a quick check of the entire web and assign you a score of over 100. It will also show you a list of all the approved points and those that need improvement.

The results can have three scores:

  • Approved: everything is correct.
  • Danger: you should check it.
  • Suspended: change it as soon as possible.

In all those parameters that you suspend, the tool will tell you how to fix it. Simply wonderful.

Status and tools

In this section, we can find all the information on our system.

rank math seo status & tools

Then as well as finding errors, activating or deactivating automatic plugin updates, and rollback to previous versions.

rank math seo rollback

These are some quite useful and complete options. So don’t forget to check them out.

Ease of use

It is undoubtedly one of Rank Math’s strong points since it has a simple configuration.

For this, we can use the installation wizard (Setup Wizard). We must create an account to have access to all the features of this beautiful SEO plugin.

Once registered, we enter our email and password to access all the features of the plugin.

During the configuration process through the wizard, you have three options:

  • Skip step
  • Save and continue
  • Return to dashboard

Also, you can re-launch the wizard at any time. You just have to go to the plugin menu, click on the dashboard, and then on the Setup Wizard.

So I’m going to give you the steps to start using the plugin most quickly.

Step 1: Import settings from other SEO plugins

If you have another SEO plugin installed on your WordPress, a screen will appear where you can import all the settings. It is convenient since if you use Yoast, for example, you can import its configuration and save a lot of time.

The same happens if you have installed a redirect plugin. Also, you can choose which settings you want to import and which not.

rank math import seo settings

Step 2: main features of our website

Then, it will ask us for the necessary information about our website, a logo for Google, and an image to use by default when sharing on social networks.

Data to complete is information about the type of page, the kind of business, and the name of the company. If you choose Personal Blog, it will not ask you for anything else.

rank math seo settings

Step 3: Verify and link with Search Console

Now comes one of the great benefits of Rank Math, its fabulous integration with Search Console. To link both tools, we must log in to our Google account and authorize the connection.

To link the page with our Search Console, and thus have more data information with which you can optimize your website later, it will be enough to click ‘Get Authorization Code.’ In this way, we will choose our Gmail account and then the Search Console account to link.

rank math seo setup search console

Step 4: Sitemap activation and configuration

If you don’t have any other sitemap generation plugin, or just want to start using the Rank Math plugin, you can do it in this step.

On this screen, you can make the most basic settings, such as activating or deactivating it or selecting whether or not you want the references to images, posts, pages, categories, labels and products to be indexed (if you have them).

rank math setup sitemap

Step 5: Additional settings

Now it’s the turn of SEO Tweaks, literally, SEO tweaks.

rank math seo tweaks

In this step, we will be able to touch quite exciting options, and that provide added value as they are things that other SEO plugins do not allow to configure.

We found three exciting tweaks related to the links on our website:

  • Noindex Empty Category and Tax Archives: Don’t index empty tags or categories, no associated content. It is recommended to mark it as ON.
  • Nofollow External Links: that does not transmit the SEO authority to external links. When you link to an external website, it is because it adds value. Therefore, it deserves Google to index that link. So I will leave it OFF.
  • Open External Links in New Tab / Window: open the links in a new tab or window. The residence time is one of the most crucial positioning factors. Therefore, we are interested in people staying on our website. If we open external links in the same tab, we are expelling users from our website and harming our SEO. It is highly recommended to activate this box.

Step 6: Finish setup

All ready! Well, don’t get excited either. It is the most basic configuration.

rank math seo final setup

You will find options such as activating the automatic updates of the plugin or showing the SEO score to your visitors.

At the bottom, there are three options: go back to the desktop, go to the help page, and configure advanced options.

But if you want to configure Rank Math with advanced options and with more details, I recommend watching this video:


Perhaps it is the best part of this plugin and the main reason why it is taking the competition by storm. And it is that Rank Math is entirely free. It offers all the functionalities of other related plugins without asking for anything in return.

Although the Rank Math team announced that a PRO version is being developed and it will be paid, its price and all its extra features are not yet known. Even so, we are sure that tools such as keyword trackers will be in this new version.

rank math seo keyword tracker

Anyway, it will be a highly anticipated launch by webmasters, with which the MyThemeShop team is sure to surprise and innovate the way of doing SEO. However, with the current tools and functionalities, it is enough to meet your needs. No doubt, the strong point of this plugin.

And in case of doubt, the free version will keep the same characteristics, so you should not worry about future changes since the differences will be extra features. Excellent news. You can see the development status of the new version here.


Rank math offers 24/7 support, which connects with the public in different ways.

You can go to the “help and support” tab, where you will find information related to the plugin settings and sections—a convenient way to solve problems.

rank math seo help & support

It also offers support through its forum, where you can open a ticket specifying your problem so that the Rank Math team can give you advice.

rank math seo forum

And last but not most limited, they offer the last option, which is the one that has worked best for me when it comes to presenting problems. You can join their Facebook group and post your questions there, where they will respond in a quick and timely manner through the comments.

rank math seo facebook

Thanks to all this, we can affirm that its support is excellent and adapts in different ways to help users who have doubts or problems.

Verdict ending – Rank math SEO Review

Rank Math SEO

Features 4.6
Ease of use 4.8
Pricing 5.0
Support 4.8

I recommend that you try the plugin on a test site or on a project that you are starting and see how it works. Once you have mastered it and understand how to get the most out of it, you can now install it on production websites.

This plugin is fantastic. Since I have it, my positioning has improved a lot. It is clear there are other factors, such as the quality of content or the authority of the domain, but this is an important one.

That is why Rank Math is a great option to consider since it scores well in almost all aspects, and as I said earlier, it is free!

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