Netflix affiliate program- Why it disappeared + better alternatives 2020

netflix affiliate program

Netflix is today one of the most recognized and prestigious streaming platforms on the market, offering the availability of its service to more than 190 countries around the world.

It was reaching incredible figures such as more than 200 million subscribers on its platform and surpassing direct rivals such as Disney, Amazon, and Apple. It has an excellent track record that is reflected in the growth of the company over the years and also has promising future projections due to its content diversification.

And, although many people do not know it, there was a Netflix affiliate program, which disappeared with time, just like many others have. But do not be discouraged, as there are currently more affiliate programs that you can take advantage of one.

So let’s take a look at the motives why the show was discontinued and the best alternatives available today.

Netflix affiliate program

A few years ago, there was this affiliate program, which was launched at the beginning of the company, to attract more customers and publicize its service.

It consisted of promoting free subscriptions, which were activated when someone entered their credit card details. The user then had to cancel the subscription before the expiration of the trial period. Otherwise, the monthly subscription would be automatically charged.

Their system was advantageous, as it provided a commission of 10 USD for each person who registered the trial period, so you can imagine how profitable it was in his time. Due to the suspension of the program, many people were affected, but you must understand that this is part of the company’s cycle.

However, you are surely wondering

Why the Netflix affiliate program disappeared

Generally, all affiliate programs tend to disappear or even make significant cuts in their commissions, directly affecting their affiliates. The best example of this is Amazon and its recent controversial decision to cut commission rates for its members by a large percentage.

As you can tell, it is not strange that this happens, and I am going to give you the main reasons:

  • The brand grows so much that it no longer depends on or needs affiliate programs to cover more markets.
  • The costs of the program become very high, so it is necessary to make cuts and make better use of resources.
  • Its popularity reaches a point where affiliate marketing for the company is less useful.

There is no more reliable way to understand it than to see the company’s growth chart over the years.

netflix affiliate program increase

Netflix’s considerable growth is evidenced between 2012 and 2014, where its actions managed to gain high value, reaching triple the initial cost. Surely this excessive growth has a direct relationship with the affiliate program. However, for the following years, due to the enormous popularity and quality of its services, there is no need to continue financing the Netflix affiliate program.

Although considering that different streaming platforms are competing with Netflix today, the idea that their affiliate program will be open to the public again in the future is not entirely ruled out.

Best alternatives to the Netflix affiliate program

Amazon prime video

Today it is one of the best alternatives to replace Netflix, offering its streaming services to different regions of the world. It has a high prestige of belonging to the innovation giant, Amazon. Although it was initially only available to the United States and a few other countries, today it has already covered more markets, reaching even other regions such as Latin America.

Its affiliate program consists of a user registering their credit card details and receiving their 14-day free trial. In exchange, you will receive 3 USD for each completed registration, which sounds pretty good due to the increasing popularity of its services and the diversification of content that the brand has.


This American company has also become one of the most important in the medium, offering transmission services of exceptional quality and availability on different platforms.

You can refer your friends, acquaintances, and family or even post on your website. To start their trial period so you can receive a prepaid Visa card for a value of 10 USD. All you have to do is go to your Hulu account and go to payment methods, to receive your referral link and thus be able to start earning money by recommending the service.

Likewise, you can also track your referral campaigns, to have better control and information about your statistics promoting the service.

Fubo Tv

Fubo is an American company that offers streaming services with a theme focused on sports. It has a wide variety of content, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, golf, boxing, MMA, tennis, college sports and much more.

Not only does it have sports in its broadcasts, but you can also enjoy programs, series and movies through its platform. Therefore, it is a quite exciting option, especially for sports lovers who require a diversity of content.

It has a beautiful affiliate program, due to its commissions ranging from 10 to 30 USD, depending on the type of subscription and one aspect that you must take into account is that you will earn the commission for confirmed subscriptions and not for trial periods. Currently, you can promote their offers in the United States, Canada and Spain.

Plex Tv

Plex is a robust streaming platform that offers content like movies, web shows, podcasts, music, and more. All this is available on different screens and from anywhere in the world.

It has a free version and a premium version (which you will have a 30-day trial period). Its affiliate program offers a commission of 10 USD for each user who subscribes to its services. Therefore, it is a profitable and quite feasible option, since it is a little-known platform.


Philo offers a package that includes the transmission of 59 high-quality channels that you can enjoy through various screens.

If you like television channels and want to have them in one package, this is an excellent choice for you.

Its affiliate program consists of sharing your referral link with your friends or family. If they register on the platform, you will earn 5 USD that can be used in your next subscription, and at the same time, the person who has registered will receive 5 USD that can be used in the first month of subscription.

Although you will not be free to use the money you earn, this is an excellent choice if you want to keep a few dollars on your subscription to the streaming service. The downside is that it’s only available to the United States for now.


Showtime is a commercial-free, high-quality streaming service. Through its platform, you can watch series, films, innovative documentaries, comedy specials, great sports and much more.

Lately, this company has been growing in the United States, organizing significant boxing events and other innovative strategies to promote its brand.

If you have a blog or website related to movies, series, documentary sports or themes related to the platform, this is an excellent opportunity for you since showtime will pay you a commission of 10 USD for each subscriber you recommend.

You can apply to its affiliate program and establish different promotion strategies on your website such as articles, banners or recommendations to your readers. Also, considering its increasing popularity and the amounts for the commissions received, it is an exciting option.

To summarize

The Netflix affiliate program disappeared, as most will. Since right now, the company is at such a high point that it does not need to spend resources on promotion through affiliates. And as I explained earlier through the graph, its popularity and valuation have always been increasing.

However, currently, there are other alternatives that I recommend you try. And if you still want to diversify this way of earning more, I suggest launching CPA marketing campaigns. So you have no excuses, start taking action right now!

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