How much money would I make on Tiktok? | 2020

how much money would i make on tiktok

Launched on the market in 2016, TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks in recent times. Becoming one of the leading entertainment applications, reaching incredible figures such as + 1.5 billion downloads and earning a valuation of +75 billion dollars this year.

And although initially the app was only aimed at the younger audience, there was an evolution in content diversity. Successively this has contributed to its growing acceptance in people of higher age ranges.

Thanks to all this, many people found TikTok a way to create content and generate income in different forms. But often common questions arise among platform beginners like Can I make money on TikTok? Or How much money would I make on TikTok ?. And although the answers are relative, we are going to give you ideas that will help you have more realistic aspirations.

Can I make money on TikTok?

The answer is yes. Like most social media, there are always ways to make money through different methods. However, to start generating income, you must grow your channel and your brand. So I will give you some tips for you to be successful and decrease the margin of error.

  • An attractive name is the most important thing. It is your cover letter, and if you can find a name that catches people’s attention, you may have a chance to stand out.
  • Choose the niche to which you will direct your content.
  • Include valuable information that can generate empathy with users: likes, passions, hobbies, trends, etc.
  • Upload relevant content for the community, in such a way that people are interested in your profile.
  • Interact with your followers, if they leave you a comment or message, try to respond mostly to them.
  • Follow famous tiktokers; this way, you will know what is trending, and you can create better content.

After you have applied the steps above, you may want to know.

How much money would I make on TikTok?

Please note that this is a very relative answer; it does not have a specific number. Because the amount of money earned will depend on the way you are monetizing your content. So I am going to explain the main methods to carry out your plan.

Diamond Program [gifts]

TikTok offers a quite exciting and versatile program which has helped grow their brand, in addition to providing the opportunity for TikTokers to receive income for generating content.

While you are live streaming, your followers can give you coins, which you can exchange for diamonds. Then the amount of money you will earn will be equivalent to the diamonds you have. And once you have collected a minimum amount equal to 100 USD. You can withdraw the money through PayPal.

Although to be able to start making a live stream, you must have at least 1000 followers. Today, this is not very complicated due to how fast the videos go viral.

It is better to think of coins as the TikTok virtual currency. TikTok users acquire coins in volumes ranging from 100 to 10,000. Each package price varies over time and depends on the size of the box they purchase and the local currency.

Currently, users can purchase 100 virtual coins for approximately USD 1. They save the coins in their virtual Wallet and then give them to the deserving TikTokers while performing live. TikTok and Google / Apple (depending on the platform) keep half of the amount spent. But live streamers can keep a reminder of every tip their fans give them.

When considering the above, if 100 coins equal around 1USD. Suppose you receive 30 coins as a gift, you would be earning 15 cents.

In practice, when a user loves a performance or show, he uses his coins to buy a special Emoji or another virtual currency (a diamond) that he can use in the interpreter’s chat. Diverse emoji are worth different amounts of coins. You use an emoji as a tip depending on how much you like the performance (leaving Diamonds for the best performances).

It is essential to know that you can redeem the points at any time. But you cannot withdraw more than 1000 USD per calendar day. Still, this is the primary way to earn money using TikTok.

Brand sponsorships and influencer marketing

TikTok, like other social networks, is used as a means by brands to promote their products or services. But this will only happen if you are famous, and you start to excel with valuable content.

Generally, when you already have a high reputation and a constant audience, brands will contact you to offer you promotions. The most coveted niches in the application are those that have to do with young people. So if your audience is in the age ranges 13-21, you are likely to make quite a bit of money with this strategy.

The money charged for the promotion is agreed with the brand. Sometimes it is a fixed amount per video or also a commission for the specific sales of the product or service. But it is also closely related to the size of your audience or the competition in that niche. So the quantity is very relative.

For TikTok influencer marketing to be successful, the brand and influencer must speak with the same voice, for example, the influencer must naturally fit in with the type of people who would like to buy the products of that brand.

Your followers watch your videos because they like what you do or say. They are not going to see you hear the message of a brand. With successful influencer marketing, you can naturally talk about brands (or use their products generally in a video). If the product has nothing to do with you, your viewers will be disappointed and question your authenticity. The ultimate thing you want from an influencer marketing association is to ask you to make a scripted video or upload a scripted video made by someone else.

Finally, my recommendation is that you be cautious with the brands that you are going to promote since there are many products of dubious origin and other types of scams that, in the end, can negatively affect your reputation.

CPA or Affiliate marketing campaigns

If you are one of these who do not want to wait for a brand to contact you for sponsorships, this is an excellent option for you. Since, unlike the previous strategy, you can choose the offers that you are going to promote, through marketing networks.

Here, you recommend certain products to your followers and include a link that takes them directly to an online store to buy the product or simply leave relevant information that brands need.

For this, you need to join a network that works with CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, but do not worry, since there are currently many options, so it will not be difficult for you to join one.

Then you must analyze the offers that best suit your content. You must choose one, such as if your TikTok channel is about makeup, you should look for offers that have to do with this type of product (such as lipsticks, eyelashes, enamels, etc.) or even online courses to learn techniques and others.

The amount of money you will earn will depend strictly on the conditions of the offer you are going to promote. But on average you can make from $ 1 to $ 200. For each conversion obtained. However, this is very relative and also depends on whether the person needs to complete a purchase or if they only have to leave their information so that you can receive the commission.

This option is very flexible, and best of all, there are thousands of offers to pick. Even so, I recommend you handle high amounts of traffic to have more conversion possibilities, just as what you are promoting is in the interest of your audience.

Dropshipping or merchandise stores

If you have built a large enough support base on TikTok, you might consider setting up a Shopify or WordPress eCommerce store and from there selling merchandise to your audience.

Marketing experts can turn your TikTok images into a brand and sell that brand as merchandise. This way, you create a feeling of exclusivity – they can only purchase the t-shirt promoting your brand directly from the Shopify or WordPress store through your TikTok account. Fans can wear that shirt and somehow feel special because they know non-TikTokers won’t have access to it.

The initial step in selling merchandise is first to build a community. You can easily do this by interacting with your followers on TikTok. Live broadcasts can be particularly helpful in encouraging community sentiment.

You can create videos on TikTok to sell any type of merchandise, not just a Shopify or WordPress store. If you sell craft products on Amazon, make videos showing your products (and maybe even your production techniques) and upload them to your TikTok channel.

Remember that your fans do not go to TikTok to see ads. If you upload videos promoting your merchandise, they have to be attractive. It is easier to do with some niches than with others. For example, if your niche is for crafts, your videos can be almost educational since you can show how to make your products. However, it is much more challenging to produce official promotional videos if most of your videos show you syncing someone else’s music.

It is one of the most lucrative strategies, but at the same time, one of the most difficult to carry out. Since you will need a broad audience and have a personal brand with a strong influence in your niche, however, it is time to stop making excuses and start acting.

Cross-platform marketing

You can use TikTok to attract an audience to your other social networks or platforms. It is what most users do to consolidate their brand, since converting viral content in the application is not so complicated depending on their creativity and innovation.

An excellent way to do it is through YouTube since you can upload your videos there and then monetize them. In addition to promoting your transmissions on different platforms and social networks, which will considerably increase your traffic and possibilities of generating income.

I recommend that you regularly upload valuable content to all your platforms, whose objective will be to satisfy the needs of your niche. As well as applying the recommendations I left earlier in the post.

How many followers on TikTok to make money?

If your strategy is to make money with the diamond program, you must have at least 1000 followers to be able to start broadcasting live and receive gifts.

However, if you choose the other strategies, there is no specific figure, but the more followers, the better since this increases your market and audience.

Even so, to have realistic aspirations and generate constant income with the platform. I recommend you have at least 5000 followers and go uploading valuable content recurrently.

Other factors affect this rule. It is the niche to which you are going to direct the content and the competition that is in it. Because it is not the same to upload game videos to upload craft videos, there is a profound difference in terms of competition. So even if you have 5,000 followers on your gaming channel, it will be more challenging to succeed due to competition.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is the quality of your content. With a single video that goes viral, you can reach millions of views and thousands of followers. So you should not be discouraged and keep innovating to attract more traffic.

How much money do tiktokers make?

Every influencer dreams of waking up one day and seeing his bank account with several zeros too many. And this is being done by several, thanks to TikTok and strategies like the ones I mentioned before.

But if you are looking for approximate figures of what the biggest stars of the platform earn, according to an online casino publication, the American Loren Gray tops the list with 175,000 dollars paid per post, taking into account that currently, it has 44.5 million followers on the platform. And from there, they continue more on the list as Baby Ariel, who charges 150,000 USD per video and has 33.9 million followers.

how much money do tiktokers make

And I know those are imposing figures, but you must take into account the journey taken by these influencers and their positioning in the application. So, if you want to achieve a high sum of money, you have to innovate your content. In a nutshell, look for it to go viral and reach more audiences.

To summarize

In my opinion, you are at the right time to start growing in the application as long as you follow the recommendations and apply strategies that allow you to generate income, according to your needs.

I also suggest you follow the most famous tiktokers in your niche and not just to copy the content. But to have more ideas about the tastes and trends of the public of interest. And if you are already on TikTok and you have not yet found the formula to have more followers, my advice is not to be discouraged because sometimes you just need an original video and a little luck to become viral. So less excuses and take action right now!

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