CPA Marketing: All you need to know to make money [2020]


CPA marketing has become one of the principal means to make money online, although it is not a well-known strategy, here we are going to explain all you need to know to implement it and start making money.

What is CPA Marketing, and how does it work actually?

CPA marketing indicates “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition.” It is a form of marketing, and its main objective is to promote a third-party product or service with the sole purpose of obtaining a commission for each conversion.

Affiliates, CPA networks, and publishers obtain a commission for each potential customer or only a single sale. Although this way of making money, it is recommended for people who already have experience with CPA Marketing.

Many companies use it as a means of promotion to generate sales, attracting potential customers. It can be said that you become a promoter, but not a seller.

CPA networks manage the whole process. Advertisers send their products or services to CPA networks, in order to promote them with the CPA campaigns that we plan.

In short, it works when a person completes any type of offer you have promoted, then you earn a conversion, which translates into money or a small commission.

CPA Marketing terminology that you should know

  • Publisher and Advertisers
    Advertisers are all those who pay CPA Marketing networks to obtain conversions with their products or services.
    Publishers are people like you and me who are promoting CPA offers to earn money.
  • CPC / Cost per Click
    CPC = Total cost / Click quantity.
    When somebody clicks on an ad, the fee is made. On platforms like Google Ads, BingAds, or Facebook Ads, you can plan your advertising campaigns.
  • CTR / Click Rate
    CTR = (Quantity of clicks / Quantity of impressions) x 100
    The higher your CTR, the more consistent your campaign is. Define the interest users have in your campaign.
  • CPM / Cost per thousand [1000] impressions
    CPM = Total Cost / Amount of Impressions / 1,000
    This is what the advertiser is charged for exposing the ad a thousand times.
  • (% Conv.) / Conversion rate
    Conversion rate = (Amount of conversions / Amount of visitors) x 100
    The higher your Conversion Rate, the higher the probability of getting a productive campaign.
  • CPV /cost per views.
    CPV = (Total cost / amount of views)
    It is the cost of every advertisement in video format.
  • ROI / Return on investment
    ROI = ((Income – total costs) / total costs)) x 100
    Including this metric, we can know if what we are investing in is being used rightly.
  • EPC / Win by Click
    It is not about making money from clicks on offers but rather the average rate publishers got for each click.
    If a $ 3.00 bid got 1,000 clicks from 20 different publishers and a total of 100 leads, then the EPC is calculated like this:
    ($ 3.00 x 100) / 1000 = 0.30 EPC
  • Incentive or Non-Incentive
    Incentive traffic is the traffic that you can attract as a “digital bribe,” offering them different benefits to access the offers. You can attract people with coupons, gifts, free downloads, or different offers and consequently stimulate more investment.
    In the case of No Incentive, Incentive traffic is simply forbidden.
  • Landing page.
    It is the page that you create and design so that potential clients are redirected towards the offer that you are promoting.

How to promote CPA offers and start making money.

There are lots of ways and methods of promoting your offers. You should also know that not all of them have the same performance, although the important thing is to create an adequate strategy to generate traffic towards your offers and start making money.

  • Create valuable content to promote your offers through a blog.
  • Make an email list to promote your offers.
  • Generate traffic to your offers through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Make video conversion advertising campaigns on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Invest in advertising campaigns through platforms such as Google AdSense, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Etc.

NOTE: Many offers cannot be shared directly; that is why we must create a landing page that will help us, direct potential users, to the offer. For this, we can use platforms such as Weebly or Builderall, which offer free but limited options. The other and most recommended option is to rent a hosting and a domain name to create your landing pages through [which is free] and web page builders such as elementor that also gives us template options.

The best traffic sources for CPA offers

If you choose the way to promote quality offers, investing money in advertising campaigns to generate conversions. Next, I will explain the different sources of traffic:

Search traffic

  • Google Ads: It is the main source of traffic in search engines, but it has some restrictions regarding its policies. If you are not careful about its restrictions, you could risk having your account canceled.
  • Bing Ads: It is the successor of the previous one, although it differs in that they are not so strict regarding their policies and restrictions. It, too, has more approval in the United States.

Social traffic

  • Facebook Ads: It is the number one traffic source and the most popular in recent times, but it is usually restrictive with CPA Marketing offers, they also tend to cancel the accounts of users that do not comply with its policies.
  • Instagram Ads: With Facebook, it is the most used social traffic network, especially for CPA offers aimed at mobile devices.
  • Twitter Ads: Although it is not as popular as the previous two, there are still some niche opportunities to exploit.

Mobile traffic

  • Admob: It is the platform associated with Google. It works just like Google Ads, but only for mobile devices.
  • Airpush: It is at the top of the best mobile advertising networks, with a lot of quality traffic.
  • Flurry: One of the leading platforms in mobile traffic.

Adult traffic

It is one of the most applied and best-performing methods to make money, due to the high demand, although its promotion is reduced by the policies and restrictions of different media

Contextual traffic

This type of traffic is that relevant advertising that appears on blogs or web pages.

Pop traffic / Redirect / CPV

Benefits and privileges of CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is one of the best forms to generate income, while you know how to apply it to make a high conversion rate. Let’s go to check some of these:

  • You do not necessarily require to sell to produce a commission.
  • You must not make irritating calls or massive advertising campaigns that usually demand a high amount of resources.
  • Publishers are free to design their offers to drive traffic to them, generating conversions.
  • You do not need experience, and you can do it from anywhere in the world, although it is prudent to make feedback before paying money on advertising campaigns.
  • No high investment is required (if you promote your offers through free channels).
  • There is a wide variety of offers that you can choose for your campaign.

Limitations and cons of CPA marketing

As we all know, nothing is perfect in life, and we also present the main disadvantages of this strategy:

  • The leading offers and also the best-paid ones are generally only available in developed countries and with a strong economy.
  • You need to belong to a network, which is the intermediary between the companies and the publishers.
  • In specific niches, such as video games. This strategy will have much more competition, and it will be more challenging to attract traffic to the offers.
  • You need to be continuously updated and prepared for any unexpected changes that may affect traffic to your offer.
  • Some offers are a scam. That is why you should inform yourself thoroughly about what you offer and thus avoid inconveniences.

CPA Marketing Networks

The network plays a fundamental role in CPA Marketing because it is the intermediary between the companies that want to attract potential customers and us who are the publishers, that is why you must choose a network that has good reviews and recommendations by other users. Likewise, it suits your available payment methods. For this reason, I invite you to review our article What is a CPA Network? + Top best CPA Networks [2020].

Types of offers in CPA Marketing

As you already know more about CPA Marketing, now we are going to know the types of offers that companies generally offer through networks:

Email Submit

It consists of when a person fills out a form with their email, at the same time producing a conversion.

CPA Marketing Email Submit
Credits: Freepik

PIN Submit

It is similar to the previous type, but this person must enter their phone number on the offer page.

CPA Marketing PIN Submit


When the person purchases the product or service that you are promoting, then you earn a commission for that sale. [This type of offer is recommended for people with experience].

CPA Marketing Purchases
Credits: Freepik

Pay per call

This type of offer is not widely used at the moment, and it consists of the fact that if a person calls a specific phone number and the call has a minimum duration of one minute or more, you receive a commission—[This type of offer is typically used only in Anglo-Saxon countries].

CPA Marketing Pay Per Call
Credits: Freepik

Zip submit

Applies when people fill out a form with some personal information and their zip code, then you get a commission for every time someone does it. [This offer is mainly used in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom also other European countries].

CPA Marketing Zip Submit


It occurs when the person downloads an application or software, so you earn a commission—[Lately, this type of offer has been increasing, mainly with mobile traffic].

CPA Marketing Downloads
Credits: Freepik

Conclusions and advice about CPA Marketing

Earning money with CPA Marketing is genuinely possible, but it is not as easy as it seems. You must be creative, persuasive, and constant when launching your campaigns. In my opinion, the most challenging part is getting quality traffic to your offers and thus generating conversions.

My recommendation is that you inform yourself well about CPA Marketing, join a network to launch your campaigns, and make the feedback of the success or failure that you get. You should start with free traffic [for example, sharing in Facebook, Reddit or Quora groups] so that you become familiar with this type of marketing. When you already have a strategy, the knowledge, and the resources available to invest in paid traffic campaigns [such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads], you can access a more significant number of conversion probabilities. As you obtain more practice, you will learn different strategies and methods that are used in CPA Marketing; the idea is that you test them to get the best amount of profits and repeat the process.

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